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Wir sind Victoria Clarholz...<br>...und du kannst ein Teil davon sein!
Wir sind Victoria Clarholz...
...und du kannst ein Teil davon sein!


ONK - Dutch Open Hapkido Championship

11.03.2018 9:00 Uhr - 19.00 Uhr


The Nederlandse Hapkido Bond (NHB) is very proud to organize the 15th Dutch Open Hapkido Championship This is a special 15th anniversary edition! The ONK Hapkido as each year will have participants from the Netherlands and abroad! We hope you all join this Hapkido championship open for all Hapkido styles! The Show class, Breektest, Fall breaking, Weapen and Sword Kata is also open for other Martial arts! We hope to see you all again on march 11th 2018 in Culemborg! Beginning 9.00 AM: children 8-14 year, end: 13.00 PM Beginning 13.15 PM: 15 year and up, end: 19.00 PM